About us

As anyone who’s ever taken to the floor knows, dancing really is a tonic (with or without the gin). The beauty of Ya Dancer silent discos are that we provide all the fun, the stress busting, the exercise, the party atmosphere and the mood-lifting vibes, but we do it minus noise pollution. 

Ya Dancer silent discos provide everything you need to get your party, community event or special occasion grooving and a-moving. With our full kit of headsets, disco lights, dressing-up/props box, and choice of off-the-peg or personalised playlists, we’ll soon get everyone tripping the light fantastic.

At Ya Dancer we provide private hire silent discos for parties and special occasions, plus corporate and community events. We also offer fantastic and competitively priced silent disco sessions for community groups, children’s events, arts venues and care settings. We even take Ya Dancer out on the streets for walking discos and flashmobs, and we run lunchtime silent discos for those who want to exercise but don’t fancy jogging or the gym.

We provide musical playlists to suit all ages, abilities and tastes across Glasgow and west central Scotland, but our discos are silent. With Ya Dancer there’s no ear-shattering speakers cranked up to the max. Our volume-adjustable headsets prevent deafening decibel damage, and we don’t noise up the neighbours.

What we provide

Ya Dancer bring our silent discos to you. Dancing Queen Gillian will prepare and play a choice of off-the-peg or specially selected musical playlists, and provide all of the kit required for your own silent disco session.

Our wireless, volume-adjustable headsets, our lights and transmitters are all PAT tested, plus we’re fully insured and PVG checked for community group sessions. We’ll even bring our dressing-up and props box for anyone who wants to add sparkle and spangles, and we include time for set-up and de-rig in all of our silent disco packages.

Dancing queen

Ya Dancer was founded by Glasgow’s own dancing queen, Gillian Machaffie. As someone who’s always enjoyed a boogie, Gillian’s already run several successful small businesses in the city.

Entrepreneurial sensibility aside, Ya Dancer gives Gillian an opportunity to raid her disco dressing-up box and shake her own booty on a regular basis. However, what really satisfies Gillian’s soul is seeing people of all ages and backgrounds strut their funky stuff at her splendid silent discos. 

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